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Setting up the Kombo Loom

Follow Jane’s hands and words to set up a Kombo Table Loom. At the back of the loom there is a little wormy thing on the left hand side.  Make sure it is out.

Wormy thing out.

Imagine a frame with a purse handle.  Each harness should have a cord attached to it like a purse handle.  The handle also runs through those U shaped metal pieces on the back of the loom.  So, take one end of the cord and attach it to the plastic tab through the hole at the top. (Like in the picture below)  Thread the open end through the U shaped thingme.  Then thread it through the one on the other side of the loom.  Then attach that end to the plastic tab which closes off the system.  Now you have a purse handle. (Very skinny mind you and a totally useless purse)

Now make a loop with the skinny handle and stick it through the hole going from the back to the front.

Thread this through hole on the toggle


Start with Harness 1 first and work towards the back of the loom.  When you want to insert the harness into the grooves, put the right side in to the groove first and then you will see on left side of the loom  (This is while standing at the back) that the plastic side of the harness will slide in and then down.  After you have put on all your harnesses you need to put the little worm thing back in the horizontal groove.  This will keep the harnesses from falling out when the loom in folded down.

Ta da!