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Sett for 100% rayon chenille scarves (1300 yd/pp)

Hi Jane…..I have a student interested in your chenille scarf kits.  I am very wary of  telling her to go ahead and purchase seeing your suggested sett of 10 epi.  Can you tell me what size chenille is in the kit?  And is it 100% rayon, or rayon with a polyester core, or perhaps rayon and synthetic blend of some kind. I want my student to have a good experience weaving chenille, and since I do not advocate using 100% rayon chenille at such an open sett, I am currently dissuading her from purchasing.  However, if you can supply some information that can assure me the kit can be both woven AND not worm or shed pile, I’ll reconsider my advice to her. Thanks for any assistance you can offer…..most appreciated.     

I have used Silk City 100% Rayon Chenille at 1300 yd/pp for years.  I sett it at 10 epi and weave it at 10-11 ppi.  I hemstitch both ends very tightly.  I recommend handwashing and drip drying.  All of this information is included in the kits.  We have sold hundreds and hundreds of them over the years to very happy weavers.  Once in a while we have had a complaint from weavers who have very sloppy selvedges.  But if the weaver has good selvedge control and weaves a nice tight selvedge, and is sure to weave 10-11 ppi, they will have no problems with the chenille worming or deteriorating.  Hope this helps, All the best to you and your student.