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Selvedges in brief and with visuals

I was just weaving away and noticed that what I was weaving is a good example of controlled draw-in or taping of the selvedge. This is a fine warp Bambu 12 sett at 27 epi and the weft is Zephyr (silk/merino) woven at 27 ppi.  Because it is black and white you can see the beautiful selvedge you get with the weaving method I describe so often….. Throw, Beat, Leave It…meaning, leave your beater against the fell Change your Shed Beater Back to the Castle.  You are beating on an open shed allowing the shed to take what it needs, you have some draw-in.  This piece is 9.5” in the reed and it is 8.5” when woven…so I am drawing in 1” total.  The selvedges are clean, strong and supportive to the rest of the cloth. It is so easy to see on the left hand side because it is black and white.  The selvedge is denser.  The reed lines will all disappear when it comes off the loom and is washed.


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