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Reed substitution question

I am making a blanket at 8epi in a #5 reed.  In the chart, that would have me sleying 1-2-2.  Over 50”,  which it was in the raddle, I lost 3”.  When I talked to my DH, math whiz that he is, he said that since the substitution is not exact, I should lose 2”.  Have you experienced this?   How do you adjust your warp accordingly?  I didn’t want it 47” before I even started weaving, I wanted the 50”.  Next warp is going to be 53” to start but I won’t always be doing 8 epi in a #5 reed.

In regards to your raddle: If you leave 1 slot empty every 7″ in your raddle your ‘wind on width’ should work out.  I just put a measuring tape on my raddle and counted every 5 slots.  After 7″ I had 1 extra, so that is why I would leave it empty. In regards to your reed: They are all different so I draw the slots on a piece of paper if it has to be exact.  When I drew 15 slots on a piece of paper and wrote in 2,2,1 over and over again it took 3″ to do a complete cycle and I ended up with 1 extra end needed every 3 inches to maintain the width.   I have 8 ends in the first inch, 8 ends in the 2nd inch and 9 ends in the 3rd inch.   You could do that for projects where the end width is absolutely necessary.  We always see these differences when we work at wider widths.  If this were an 8″ scarf you wouldn’t have even noticed it (maybe).  I would have noticed but I wouldn’t have cared :^)

Raddle: I thought you were to leave a space every 4”.  That would explain why I ended up 1” less in the width even though I was 50” in the raddle. Reed: I did draw it out on paper and had 8, 8, 9 threads over 3”.  But I don’t want that 9 in there to maintain my width, isn’t that is why I ended up losing width.  So, does that mean that, like in the raddle, every 3” I have to do something a bit different for 1 dent?  Should I do one set of 1-2-1 and then go back to the 1-2-2?  I understand that this is only applicable to this size reed and epi, I would have to look at each case individually.  I was being pretty naïve to think that in doing the substitution it would work out perfectly.

You aren’t naive at all.  We just need to remember that there is so much to learn and not everything is the same.  Weaving is like cooking and haircuts.   Sometimes everything is perfect and we ask for the exact same thing again and it isn’t quite the same.  It isn’t a disaster, but it is different and that is because this is all organic.  We aren’t machines and isn’t that a good thing?  I’m sure your blanket is just beautiful even though it is a little narrower than you expected and it was probably better than moving all those blasted heddles. In regards to your reed:  You have to keep the 1-2-2 going so you don’t have reed marks in your cloth.  If you changed that it would be far worse and it would look like a flaw.  If you end up with 1 extra thread every 3 inches just because of the way it works out mathematically, then you add up all the ends that will be in your reed for the desired width and that is how many ends you will have in your warp.  Plain and simple.  Make the threading fit.  You may have to fool around with the repeats fitting your width but that is always doable.

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