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Problem with cords coming loose on my older Louet Jane

I am doing a 4 shaft project.  When I raise the 3 and 4th shaft, the cords for shafts 1 and 2 come loose. Also, when I lift shafts 2 and 3, the cords for shafts 1 and 4 come loose.  I’m sure I am doing something wrong.  But it is upsetting to see your shaft sideways, thinking it will come off, which it won’t.  I am very new to this loom and I’m still using 10/2 cotton for the first time.  A bit of adjustments for me. I looked on the links that were posted above and couldn’t find my answer.  Thanks so much for your help!
You need the new rollers.  You can get those by emailing tammy(at)louet.com and just let her know you would like replacement rollers for your older Jane Loom.  It is very easy to switch them over…you can even do it with a warp on.  Very simple. It will take care of the cords jumping out of the rollers,….the new ones are deeper.