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Problem tying on the warp

I have used my Louet Kombo before but not for a while and I don’t remember ever having this problem before.  I warp from back to front so I beamed the warp threaded the heddles and sleyed the warp. When I tried to tie the warp onto the front beam, it is winding in the wrong direction.  It should be winding toward me and over the beam but it doesn’t lock that way.  It’s backwards.  What am I doing wrong?  Can you help?

There is an easy fix.  Somehow your string apron got wound around the cloth beam in the wrong direction.  Take the toggle off at the front and unwrap the apron completely at the front…you can do that with the warp attached.  Slide a broom handle under your cloth or warp so you can pull it all out front with some tension on it.  Then re-engage your toggle and wind it all back on.  It will work fine after that.