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Planning to purchase a new loom, I’m 5’9″ and have arthritis

I am looking for a new loom. We are downsizing to a condo with more limited space. I am 67 yrs. old with some arthritis in hands and back. Also I am 5’9? tall and find the “baby wolf” type loom too low to comfortably work at. I weave small tapestry and scarf and shawl colour and weave exploration. Thank you for your input.

Well I think I would suggest the David Loom or if you are looking for a larger loom with extremely easy access to treadling changes I would consider the Octado.  The David Loom is taller than the Baby Wolf and the cloth beam is set deeper into the loom to allow for longer legs.  It is extremely easy to treadle as it is a sinking shed Jack.  It is quiet, light and folds up quite nicely and it comes in two weaving widths 27? and 36?  The David comes standard with 8 shafts.  The Octado is definitely a step up size wise, technically and it costs a lot more.  It is a computerized 8 shaft loom.  If you are not at all comfortable with this I completely understand so I won’t go into all its details here, but if you are interested it is great for people with arthritis because you change the tie-up via the computer.  However, having said that, your loom won’t work if the power is out :^)  If you want anymore information on either please don’t hesitate to ask.