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Fringes on mohair blankies????

I have a mohair question.  I have FINALLY finished the mohair blanket I started almost a year ago (yes, life got in the way). I took it off the loom last night and I absolutely love it.  Now it’s time to full it which I will do in our front load washing machine, using Ravelry’s tonigatland […]

How much weft for a towel?

I’m looking at Keep It Simple Towels but cannot find reference to calculating weft requirements.  The organic cotton I purchased has I believe 710 yards per cone.  Will this be enough for a towel or should I get another cone of each colour before beginning? One cone should be enough 20 ppi x 20″ wide […]

Jane rollers

I bought my Jane loom second hand – new in the box – right around the time that the rollers were upgraded.  How can I tell whether I have the new rollers or the old ones? The new rollers are wider than the end cap.  They are 2.5cm wide. Here is a picture If you […]

The little black wheels and Texsolv cords on my Spring Loom shafts

The texsolv cords for my shafts go around little black wheels at the top and bottom of the loom on both sides.  However they keep coming off the wheels – it seems to be more the front shafts than the back (I’m using 1-8).  I’m doing summer and winter which is heavier on the front […]

Sliding beater on David Loom

I’m weaving a cotton warp, quite happily and I like the sinking shed, and quiet operation.  I am, however, finding that the wooden nuts that hold the beater and reed assembly together keep loosening.  On Ravelry you suggest a looser warp and really tightening the nuts.  I was reluctant to really reef on the nuts […]

Raddle? Sectional? A discussion on warping methods and tips

Congratulations on your Delta.   I do stand at the side and step on the brake pedal to wind on the warp but then go to the back to pull down on the paper and then to the front to give the warp a tug every few turns. In regards to your rod you need to […]

What to do with extra harnesses and lamms on Louet Spring

I’ve just received my long awaited Spring loom.  I went for broke and got a 12 harness loom.  I’m almost ready to put on my first project.  (It went together beautifully). Here’s my question.  Since I’m new to the loom, I’m thinking it’s a good idea to be on the less ambitious side, and start […]

Problem with cords coming loose on my older Louet Jane

I am doing a 4 shaft project.  When I raise the 3 and 4th shaft, the cords for shafts 1 and 2 come loose. Also, when I lift shafts 2 and 3, the cords for shafts 1 and 4 come loose.  I’m sure I am doing something wrong.  But it is upsetting to see your […]

Help – I’m getting skips in my cloth!

I’m a fairly new weaver with a Leclerc Nilus 4 shaft. I wove a tea towel kit from Jane’s store using cotton boucle and it went well. Now I’m weaving tea towels from a kit using organic cotton. Every inch or two I’m getting small skips over just one extra thread. We adjusted the treadles […]

Sleying the reed

I can’t figure out whether to sley the reed from the centre point out or from left to right.  I’ve gone through the help topics and while I’m sure the answer is there I can’t find it.  I do not sley from centre out…I find that very confusing.  Because I am right handed I sley […]