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Not getting a clean shed on my “new to me” Louet Hollandia

I’ve just finished warping my new to me Hollandia.  I already have a 45” Hollandia, so I’m pretty familiar with warping them.  When I open the shed, I’m ending up with some of the upper threads dropping lower than the others and some of the lower ones popping higher than the others.  It’s a bloody nuisance and will certainly cause problems while weaving!  The lamms are pretty even, the treadles are all tied up correctly, so I’m puzzled.  I don’t want to mess with things too much and screw up the tension on my warp.  Any ideas?

The first thing I would do is put the blocking pin in and see how everything looks.  All shafts and lamms should be parallel to each other.  If everything there looks okay then I would check to make sure that all the tie-up cords are the proper length.  Under the Hollandia heading under Hollandia Heights there is a list with the proper lengths.  You are lucky because you have your other loom there to compare to as well.

All the lamms and shaft are reasonably parallel.  Then I checked the tie-up cords and found discrepancies in the lengths of them.  Many long ones are 23”, few are 23 1/2 but the short ones really vary between 14 to 15.  Having said that, I changed the ones that were really off length and there is an improvement.  Maybe I need new tie-up cords?

That would do it.  If everything is not travelling the same distance your warp threads won’t be even.  Try just making them all the same length and see what happens.  Make sure all the cords are on their rollers too.