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New beater for Louet David?

I have heard that the David’s beater has been redesigned.  If I order a new David online from one of the weaving retailers , will it have this upgrade,or are they still shipping looms with the overhead beater?  How would I determine this?

This is the official blurb: “Louet North America has developed a new beater system for the David Loom based on the fantastic feedback we’ve received from our customers over the years.  All new looms purchased will have the beater already installed, and there will be a retrofit available for older models.  David is a unique sinking shed jack loom, and has become a popular small floor loom.” Make sure when you order it that you remind the dealer that you want the new beater. They may have a loom in stock that doesn’t have it.  I think the new shipment is due late September or early October, but I’m not 100% sure.  Your dealer can confirm that. The new beater is wonderful! I have the proto-type. Happy Weaving Jane