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Metric versus imperial reeds and raddles

Four years ago I bought a Louet Megado 32/52” which came with a 10 dent reed.  This is the first time I’ve used this reed and unfortunately it is not true.  My warp is 46” wide as measured in the raddle.  By the time I finished sleying I lost an inch in warp width.  Before I decided to contact you, I did a thorough check and recount, counted dents per multiple inches (51 dents in 5”) and came to the above conclusion.  Where do we go from here?

Louet looms and all of their accessories are European so they are measured in metric.  In the raddle you have approx. 5 slots in an inch, but it you measure it over 10″ you actually gain 1 slot.  It is the differential between metric and imperial measure.  The same will happen in your reed.  If it is a 10 dent reed you will notice the extra dent after 5 inchs.  This does effect your width in reed but it shouldn’t effect the drape and hand in your cloth.   While I have you on the line :^) you should know that your loom is 130 cm which is just a tad over 51″ and your reed is as well.  I hope this helps you understand your situation.