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Louet Spring 110

Does anyone know if Louet ever made a 4-now, 4-later harness Spring 110?  I have a chance at a used loom that the owner says is such a beast.

All Spring looms can eventually become 12 shafts.  25 years ago the Spring was sold as a 4 shaft loom and you could add either 4 more or 8 more.  The extension kits still fit the older looms.  You will notice that the castle has a great deal of space in it and there are probably little black plastic sleeves that cover up the rods that the harness rollers move on. Those just pop off because they have a slit in them and then you remove the shelf and slide the existing 4 shafts to the back of the castle and add on 4 more shafts at the front.  You could make this loom into an 12 shaft loom if you purchased two extension kits.  I have one of the original Spring looms and I have been working on it for 25 years.  It is still like new and weaving on it is a dream.