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Louet Looms and the Parallel Counter-Marche System

I am currently in the market for a new loom and want to avoid the problem I had with the last one. I had a 52” Glimakra 8-harness counter-marche loom.  I got it for only $300 because the woman who had it before me was so tired of sitting under it for hours tying it up. I thought, “how bad could it be?”  Well, 10 years later (much of that time with the loom setting unused) I sold it for $300.  I never did get all the treadles level so it was a nightmare to weave.  I see that most (maybe all?) counter-marche looms use texsolv cords. I have not been found any loom shops in Florida and it is very difficult to see on websites exactly how the looms being advertise tie up.  I know your “Spring” uses texsolv cords but I am hoping there is some more positive way of getting all the treadles level.  Can you tell me if this problem is addressed and how?   Thanks.

The Louet counter-marche looms are a parallel counter-marche system that works quite differently from the traditional Swedish style system. I am attaching a document that shows the differences between the two styles of loom, go to page 2.

Click here for that document I promised you 🙂

This should let you see how you get the wonderful benefits of a counter-marche shed without all the troubles balancing treadles and lamms. On all Louet counter-marche looms, the lamms run parallel to each other therefore you have long cords attached to the upper lamms and short cords attached to the lower lamms.  All long cords are pre-cut and are exactly the same length.  All short cords are pre-cut and are exactly the same length.  This automatically levels everything.  You still have to tie-up what goes down to your upper lamms and what goes up to your lower lamms like on the swedish style but it is simpler because the cords are all pre-cut.  The treadles are therefore balanced right from the beginning.  Louet looms are known for their amazing sheds.