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Kombo Loom versus the Jane Loom

I am considering buying a second hand Louet Kombo 70 loom which appears in very good condition.  Please can you advise exactly how the specification for this differs from the Jane 70?  Many many thanks.

Tammy from Louet has forwarded your e-mail to me to answer.  I answer all technical loom and weaving questions from my studio in B.C. We took the Kombo loom which had had several renovations over the years and tweaked it quite a bit so we had to change the name. The main differences are:

*The Jane Loom folds down much easier and locks when folded so you can carry it by the leather handle, much like an oversized brief case. (Except for the 70 cm. version because it is just too large to carry that way.  You would have to be 6’6″ tall for such a long brief case :^)

*The overhead beater on the Kombo was always sitting in the middle of the shed and you had to hold it back before you threw your shuttle, however now the beater stays back out of the shed because there are little bumpers inside the frame that hold it for you.

*The treadling is lighter and easier because heavy thick elastics bring the shafts back to their rest position.

*The stand is still the same and the warp beam and cloth beam can be taken out of the Jane and fit into the stand for longer warps.

*The Jane is also available in 40 cm and 70 cm weaving widths just like the Kombo. Hope these answers help.