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How much weft yardage do I need?

Is there a formula for calculating yardage required for the balanced twill weft?

I use a quick short cut for figuring out weft yardage requirements for any balanced fabric, but it has to be balanced or pretty darned close.   Here is a scenario: 10 epi x10″ wide = 100 warp ends Let’s say your warp is 3 1/2 yards long, you would need 350 yds of yarn for your warp.   If your fabric is woven balanced you would need around the same amount of weft, minus your loom loss.  Let’s say your loom loss was 1/2 a yd.  You would then multiply your warp ends by 3 and come up with 300 yds. necessary for your weft.  It is not perfectly accurate because we haven’t taken into account draw-in and it will give you more than you need, but it is quick and sometimes that is what you need.   A quick and easy answer.