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Hollandia – compensation device

Help Jane!  I have warped the Hollandia loom for the first time. I am having trouble with the compensation device.  When we get the wooden things parallel it slips and goes forward towards the loom.  The tension is still on the warp.  Any suggestions?

That means one of 2 things….either your warp beam is slipping or you have wound on with paper and you have slack in the roll.  To find out which one is the culprit is pretty easy.  To see if the warp beam needs more tension all you have to do is see if you can move it back or forth with your hands.  Do not step on the brake.  If you can move it then you need to put more tension on the friction brake cable…..and to do that all you have to do is tighten up the screw that goes down through the brake pedal at the back.  It is threading into a nut of some sort.  Just screw it in a smidge more until the friction brake band holds tight.

If it is the paper you can test that by pulling down on the paper which will tighten the roll inside itself.  Then wind on the slack warp to the back beam.  Hope this helps.

The warp beam was tight, and the paper seems ok.  We thought that we had the compensation device too tight.  How do you know when to tighten or loosen it?  I wove 2 chenille scarves on it and it seems to work ok now.

If it is too tight, the tension on your warp will be really tight when your floating breast beam arms are perfectly vertical and in line with the vertical uprights of your loom. That entire mechanism is attached to those 2 springs which are attached to the short piece of texsolv cord.  You adjust the tension by adjusting where that texsolv attaches to the little screw.   Each time you step on the brake to release the warp beam, both floating breast beam arms will move inwards at the bottom and then when you re-tension the warp after advancing you want those arms to be perfectly straight again. If you think the tension on your warp is adequate before those arms are perfectly straight then you have too much tension on the bottom springs.  If you want to keep on tensioning the warp and you find that the vertical arms move out in front of the loom, then you don’t have enough tension on the springs.