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Folding down the Kombo Table Loom

Raise all the harnesses up.  So toggles are down, but harnesses are up.

Louet Kombo Table Loom

Raise all the harnesses

Left hand cups the bottom of the beater and all the pattern harnesses.  Right hand is on the top of the castle at the front.

Louet Kombo Table Loom

Left hand on bottom – right hand on top

Right hand pushes the top of the loom backwards while left hand pulls the bottom out of the little pegs on the side frame.  This is a very small movement.  It is just to get the pivoting action started.  Then bring the top of the loom to the front and push the bottom of the loom towards the back.

Louet Kombo Table Loom

Right hand pushes backwards, left hand gently pulls forward

and she will fold down flat!  Cool huh!

Louet Kombo Table Loom

Folding her down!

A picture is worth 1000 words, or so they say!