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Fly shuttle on Octado?

Another inquiry regarding the Octado 36?….what about that flying shuttle?  Will the selvedge be more consistent or should I stick with boats?  I am doing production plain weave.

Fly shuttles are definitely a personal preference…..I have used them in the past but I hate the noise….others love the assist when weaving wider fabrics.   It is the end feed shuttle that is used with the fly shuttle that helps with the selvedges, however I know that we can get perfect selvedges with regular boat shuttles….it is all in the technique.  I am including a link to my ‘thoughts on selvedges’ from the Helpline. If you do like throwing your shuttle yourself you can always use an end feed shuttle without the fly shuttle attachment.   I recommend Schacht end-feed shuttles. My greatest problem with them is the cost of perns…..I have hundreds and hundreds of regular bobbins in the works and I could never work so immediately if I had to purchase perns. These are all just personal preferences….I know weavers who absolutely love them and swear by them, I just want to present a balanced observation.