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Delta versus the Spring

The Delta is a much larger loom than the Spring in general.  It’s other major difference is the way the treadles tie-up.  The Delta has rear slung treadles and the Spring has front slung treadles.  The most important thing to know about buying a Delta is, because of it’s height and treadle operation, you need to be a taller human.  I am 5′ 6″ and I find the Delta hard to weave on for any length of time because of the full leg extension needed, which then tends to make your hips roll. My favourite loom is the Spring.  It is perfect for what you are weaving and if you intend to weave the occasional rug it will be fine too.  Louet looms are all constructed with the floating breast beam which means that the tension is the same on the warp whether the shed is open or closed therefore taking the extreme tension needed for rugs off of the frame of the loom.  I have woven many rag rugs and a few high tensioned linen rugs on my Spring with no problems.  The Spring may seem light, but it is very sturdy. The breast beam of the Delta is 37 1/2″ high.  The breast beam of the Spring is 30 1/2″ high