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Delta versus Octado

I’m the lady that posted with the question about sectional warping on the Octado.  I thought that I had made up my mind, but it seems that I have not. Originally, I was going to get a Delta.  I’m 5’10″ tall and it would be nice to not have my legs up against the fabric as it winds on the cloth beam.  I have hand arthritis, but I assume that I could prop up the treadles with books when I tie them up to relieve the strain on the fingers like I do now with the Glimakra. With the Octado, there are no tieups (Glory, Halleluiah!), but is there enough leg room for me to weave without my knees bunched up against the cloth beam or awkward on the treadle?

The placement of the cloth beam is exactly the same of the Octado as the Delta. You won’t have any troubles with your knees hitting anything. There is 11″ between the front beam and the cloth beam, plus the cloth beam is high on both of these looms which also provides ample leg room.