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David versus the Spring

I am staying in France for the time being, but can find no-one here who can answer my questions, so forgive me for putting them to you! I am a happy owner of a Jane 70 but I want to upgrade to a Spring or a David, as I want a smallish floor loom with 8 shafts.  No possibility of seeing or trying either of these looms here in France, so I’m trying to find out which would be right for me. 1. I am fairly small in build and no longer too agile, with a back which grumbles at the slightest twist or leaning over for too long.  I really need to sit right in close to the breast beam, and not have to grovel under the loom for too long to tie up. 2. My Jane is almost silent in operation – only a gentle ‘thud’.  I saw a guy on u-tube using a Spring.  The squeaks and rattles from the loom in operation were unbelievable and would drive me nutty in no time.  Is this normal, or did his loom need oiling?  Is the David quieter? 3. I’m an occasional weaver making one-off items using varied patterns, colours and techniques.  I probably won’t be making yards of cloth or using ultra fine yarns.  I like to use fine strips of fabric and mixed yarns in my work. Could you advise which loom might suit me best?

It sounds like the Louet David would be the perfect loom for you.  It is available in 28″ and 36″ weaving widths.  It is a sinking jack loom which makes it very easy to treadle. The tie-up is extremely simple so you wouldn’t have to be down on the floor long.  The reason I am not recommending the Spring is because it has a more complicated tie-up. The Spring Loom should not be squeaking and making a lot of noise.   They are very quiet looms as is the David.