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Crackle and cotton in placemats

I recently got a used Spring and between your website, the dvd and your helpline I am becoming more comfortable with it.  Would it work if I wanted to use an 8/2 cotton for warp and say a 8/4 for pattern weft is I was doing Crackle?  I am wanting to do some placemats but haven’t (except for double weave) because I want them to be substantial.  I have a ton of 8/2 because I just love doing towels!!

If you are using traditional crackle with a tabby weft between each pattern pick then you could use the 4/8 for the pattern weft.  You would sett the 2/8 cotton a little more open because you are weaving two wefts into the cloth.  The tabby weft and the pattern weft. If you don’t open your sett your diagonal line will be high.  I would sett the 2/8 cotton at 16-18 epi (18 for a firm fabric) and then weave 18 tabby and 18 pattern picks per inch.  You will have to beat hard.  If you sett is at 16 epi you won’t have to beat it so hard to square everything.  Hope this helps. You can also weave crackle without the tabby in between the pattern picks.  You will never have a float longer than 3 warp ends so you could sett your 2/8 closer like 20-22 epi and weave your pattern weft with a heavier yarn like the 4/8.  So many options….sometimes it is good to try them both our to see which you like before making your whole project.