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Combining Boucle and 8/2 or 8/4 Cotton

I have a sett question.  I am going to weave a bath towel.  I want to use cotton boucle for the weft and cotton for the warp.  I want to weave as wide as I can on a 36″ loom so I am thinking of weaving a 2/2 twill pattern.  My question is, which cotton 8/4 or 8/2 – what should the epi be?  When I look at the yarn info for boucle it only gives the epi is the boucle is the warp.  I thank you in advance for any help you give me.  I see your tea towel pattern is 8/4, I also have been looking at a pattern from the another site that uses 8/2 cotton.

We do towels with 8/2 cotton for the warp in 2/2 twill sett at 16 epi with Boucle for the weft….they are wonderful. You can use 8/4 cotton if you want a heavier towel with Boucle for the weft.  You would get the best drape if you sett it at 14 epi for a 2/2 twill by using a 8 dent reed sleyed 1-2-2-2.  If you don’t have an 8 dent reed you could sett it at 15 epi in a 10 dent reed sleyed 1-2 and only beat 13-14 ppi.