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Bumpy, fluffy, laddered, textured and seductive bits of yarn

What do you do with these marvels of the yarn industry?  The bumpy, fluffy, laddered, textured and seductive bits and bobs that leap off the shelves and into your arms at yarn events. Sometimes triggered by wine, mostly just by dazzling and for a moment we think that there are a million superb and creative uses for it and that the breath will leave your body if you don’t possess it.  Keeping in mind that I don’t knit.  I weave.  What was I thinking?  

Supplementary warp is a good way to use some of them up.  Ground weave can be plain weave and then you can use your empty shafts for a few ends of those wild and wacky, glitzy yarns.   A little goes a long way.   You do not need a second warp beam for that.