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Different types of looms

Buying a new floor loom is a big decision, so it is important to understand the differences between all the different looms available, before you jump in. When it comes to floor looms, there are 3 main types: the counter-marche loom, the counter-balance loom and the jack loom. Counter-Marche Looms and Counter-Balance Looms I like […]

My David loom’s shed is not quite right

My David loom’s shed is not quite right.  (I have the sliding beater).  My shuttle keeps catching warp threads when it glides along the shuttle race.  I tried changing the shuttle I am using so that now I am using a shuttle that has turned up ends.  This helps a little bit.  It seems to […]

Delta heights – measurements for lamms & harnesses

Floor to top of lower lamm 21” Floor to top of upper lamm 28 3/4” Floor to top of lower harness bar 32” Floor to top of upper harness bar 43 1/4”

Broken Parallel Cord on Hollandia Loom

I am getting back to weaving after many years away from my ’80s vintage Hollandia, 110 cm, 8 harness loom.  Unfortunately, one of the parallel cords is broken.  I do have a bag of texsolv cord left over from when I put the loom together years ago but I’m not sure how to go about […]

Replacing string heddles on an Ullman loom

First, I want to thank you for your charts. They are wonderful stuff for the beginner! I acquired an old, but sturdy, Ullman 4-shaft direct tie-up jack loom. It had string heddles, which drove me nuts. I just finished replacing them with texsolv heddles. And, because of the scarcity of Ullman information on the web, […]

Tie-ups on sinking shed versus rising shed looms

I am presently doing a boundweave project and having trouble with the tieup.  My loom is a jack loom (Artisat) and I am presently using standard tieup but when talking about sinking sheds, they should go down, mine don’t, they just stay in place.  When I press 1-2 – they go up but the rest don’t […]

Back to Front vs Front to Back – a wee conversation

There are many choices in life: The Beatles or The Stones, plain chocolate or milk chocolate. Then there’s the really pressing question of our time: Back to Front or Front to Back? It’s a question Sarah threw into the mix on Weave with Jane Stafford on Ravelry: Would you mind talking about pros and cons for warping back-to-front […]

Warping Jane’s Way

I have attached a basic document here that will help you with a multitude of warping questions. It’s a document that makes up a part of a workshop that we hold here at JST called “Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills” and it walks you through the process of making a warp, and warping your loom […]

Where do I find the manuals for Louet equipment?

Are you looking for manuals for Louet equipment?  Click here for Louet loom, wheel and other equipment manuals.

How much weft for a towel?

I’m looking at Keep It Simple Towels but cannot find reference to calculating weft requirements.  The organic cotton I purchased has I believe 710 yards per cone.  Will this be enough for a towel or should I get another cone of each colour before beginning? One cone should be enough 20 ppi x 20″ wide […]