Season 4 – Episode 9 – Weft Faced Twills

It’s time for our last sample of the year and this time I overlay all the twill theory that we’ve been studying throughout the year on an open linen warp with wool weft, to create amazing weft faced fabric.

As always there is so much to learn, so many ways to play at the loom, so many ways to lose yourself in creativity. I got carried away sampling and wound up weaving several yards on a straight draw threading. I superimposed 40 different Colour & Weave sequences on top of different treadling sequences and had a blast. Then I adjusted the tie-up to get Krokbragd and wove another bunch of C&W sequences on top of that tie-up with different treadlings.

Finally, I re-threaded several times focusing on graphic and composition. Again…..asking the question “what if” over and over and over.

So much fun, so much to do. Have I mentioned how much I love weaving 🙂