Season 4 – Episode 8 – Shadow Weave

Time for another fun episode and this one has lots of colour. The bright joyful colours that were used in Fibonacci w/Gradation aka Parrot S2, E5 have leapt forward onto our Shadow Weave gamp in this episode. Shadow Weave is a colour and weave technique that structurally bridges plain weave and twill. There are 2 methods of drafting Shadow Weave and in this episode we study the original system that Mary Atwater invented. It evolves out of twill which is why we are studying it first. We will look at the Powell method down the line when we get into Units, Blocks and Profiles.

The concept of ‘overlay’ really builds in this episode. We take colours and graphic from one sample, use the shapes from 4 of the threadings in the small threading twill gamp and overlay the Atwater Shadow Weave theory on top. Wave your magic wand and presto mundo….we have jumped to a different universe using concepts we are familiar with. So cool, so much fun, so easy. If you need something to brighten up your day, you’ll find it in this episode.

Shadow Weave doesn’t have to be bright and bold and in your face, it can be soft and delicate, tone on tone and we explore that in a second sample woven using Zephyr. So you get 2 patterns in this episode 🙂

So much to learn, so many ways to play at the loom, so many ways to loose yourself in creativity. We are so lucky to be weavers.