Season 4 – Episode 7 – Twill & Basket Weave go on a Date

In this episode we learn to insert Basket Weave into twill threadings to create vertical division of space. Of course once they are in the threading we can also have horizontal basket weave, but we have been able to do that all along.

On 4 harnesses, basket weave is the only structure that can frame a twill. You would need 6 harnesses to frame a twill with plain weave….but I’ll explain all of that in the episode.

Things we will learn:

  • we can thread basket weave into our twill threadings and use them to frame our twills or to divide space
  • we can have very clean cut lines to delineate the structures from each other
  • we can superimpose colour and weave into the basket weave
  • we can use any twill threading as a treadling
  • twills are a very happy family and they all play well with each other  🙂