Season 3 – Episode 9 – Plain Weave with Supplementary Warp & Weft

Welcome back to Season 3 Episode 9! This episode continues to build on everything we have done so far this year. It adds some very rich sauce to our plate of pasta!   🙂

Dr. Seuss could have written a children’s book about it….Oh the places you’ll go!

Our pasta this time around is a very fine Bambu yarn and the sauce is 18/2 Merino with two colour options to choose from. The supplementary warp threads are interspersed within our ground warp in 5 stripes. As always you’ll be given a gazillion things to play with and explore. In the end we have the option of taking this fabric to the sink to give it a heavy fulling and create yet another layer…this time collapsing it.

This is the final sample from this Season and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Things we will learn:

* how to overlay the idea of collapse weave on supplementary warps
* how to thread supplementary warps a new way
* how to weave with fine bambu at a very open sett
* how to introduce the idea of supplementary weft
* how to create 2 completely different sides on a 4 shaft fabric

Have fun,
Happy Weaving,
Love Jane