Season 3 – Episode 7 – Double Width, Double Layers

This episode is all about simple double weave on 4 harnesses…. so be prepared to have TWICE as much FUN 🙂

If you’re a weaver with a narrow loom dreaming of making cloth that is wider or if you’re a weaver with a wide loom wanting to make cloth that is gigantic….this one’s for you.





This is a double width primer:

  • Where we learn to create cloth that is twice the width of the warp.
  • We look at designing double weave.
  • We need to double our ends per inch.
  • We can change our layers.
  • We can change the side of the join to create a different graphic.
  • With the two ideas above, we can create 3 completely different graphics with one warp.
  • We discuss how to make a nice join and more importantly, how to clean up the join if you’re not happy with it 🙂
  • And on a different warp we learn how to create tubes and two layers.

As always have fun and,
Happy Viewing