Season 3 – Episode 1 – Denting

In this first sample for Season 3 we are using our reed to create a wonderful lacy looking fabric in plain weave. Things we will learn:

  • To weave with finer threads
  • Dented fabrics need to have a firm sett… they are not woven at an open sett. Our reed and our beat create the open space
  • We open our minds to adapting our weaving technique, ie throwing two picks to create resistance, then tap, tap, tap
  • We learn to control our beater
  • How to really visualize negative space
  • How to bring gradation work over from Colour and Design and overlay it onto a new idea
  • That we can mix cotton and silk

In this lesson I use 16/2 cotton for the weft on one scarf and 30/2 silk on the second one. This certainly adds another layer of luxuriousness.