Season 2 Episode 4 – The Colour & Weave sample

This is the first of three gamps in this workshop. Gamps are great for getting a lot of information out of one warp. Colour & Weave is pure magic. How can all these little sequences of dark and light net us so many remarkable little patterns. The patterns themselves are remarkable but the sequencing is very important, it is the source of so much of the “play” in all of my work.

Note: please review Season 1, “Episode 1.3 – Making a Good Warp – Multiple Ends in Your Warp and Wider Warps on a Warping Board” and Season 1 Episode 2.4 starting at 14:48 “Threading multiple ends from your cross”.

Things you will learn:

  • practice making a warp with different numbers of warp ends in the seven different sequences,
  • how putting in coloured divider threads help us keep each section clean & easy to read,
  • how crazy beautiful these patterns are :),
  • how to read a gamp.