Episode 7 – All About Yarn

all about yarn episode 7

A few wee things about yarn….not all yarn, just some yarn.
My favourite yarns…….those made from cotton, linen, wool and silk.
Welcome back to Episode 7. This beautiful planet that we live on has given weavers so much to work with and we all owe a great deal to the farmers who tend these plants and animals so that we can bring it all to the loom. I have always been drawn to natural fibres, I only want to weave with yarns made from them. Every yarn has a story and a past, every yarn has been through a great deal before it has made its way into your warp and wound around your bobbin. Once we have it in our hot little hands we get a chance to transform it once again into a piece of cloth that should do justice to the journey. We can barely touch the subject in 2 hours but hopefully this episode will answer a few questions about where some of your yarns come from and how they are numbered.