Episode 6 – Division of Space

Welcome back to Episode 6 where we carry on with project planning. When we first start weaving we pretty much all start by following a recipe, we do this with so many new things in our lives. After awhile we get a hankering to change up those recipes whether it be in the kitchen or at the loom. With a simple set of guidelines I hope to build your self confidence to the point where you will designing your own prize winning patterns. It is not hard to do!

We start with broad strokes and work our way down to the fine tuning. I introduce you to the Fibonacci Numerical Series, that amazing mathematical sequence that is to be found everywhere in nature and we learn a few ways to apply it to our weaving. We design 7 projects, 5 in plain weave and 2 in a simple twill. 4 tea towels, 2 blankies and a set of placemats. Episode 5 and 6 really do belong together so if you haven’t watched it yet….get started 🙂