Episode 3 – Good Weaving Technique

This episode is all about having a great time sitting at the loom.  It is so important to be comfortable at the loom so you can weave for extended periods of time without hurting yourself.  Posture is everything.  Once you feel good at the loom the next thing you need to think about is how you handle your shuttle for optimum use of each body movement.  Then there is the sequencing of when to beat and change your shed.  These are all the things I want to share this time around….all with the aim of helping you make beautiful music at your loom.   These things will help improve your selvedges. We also go over mending a broken warp thread and hemstitching.  There are 2 pdfs. available with this episode, one with instructions for hemstitching and one that is a short article I wrote for the Helpline on getting good selvedges.  That latter just reinforces things I demonstrate in the videos but sometimes it helps to read as well as see.

Hope you enjoy Episode 3.