Episode 1 – Making a Good Warp

Years ago I read a gardening book that talked about the concept of 5 %’ers.  Basically the author was talking about paying attention to little details in the process of growing an awesome garden.  If you paid attention to ‘this or that detail’ your garden would be 5% better and if you added up all those 5%’ers your garden and garden experience could be 100’s of percents better.   For me gardening is very much like weaving.  There are many steps  in both that are necessary to get to the end product.

In this series of videos my goal is to help you gain confidence and skill in the weaving process.  I am sharing with you the 5 % ‘ers that have made my life so much easier as a weaver.  There is not one way to do anything but there are easier or harder ways to achieve the same thing…..I will always choose the easy way.

I have been weaving now since 1978 and I am still tweaking my process, trying new things.  Marveling at some simple thing that I didn’t think about 10 years, 20 years, 30 years ago.  I hear myself saying all the time…..”I can’t believe I never thought of that before, duh”…… it is a wonderful thing to know you can always learn new things and that the simplest things are a joy to learn.

Episode 1 is all about making a good warp….because that is where it all starts and if you can make an awesome warp you are well on the way to having a great experience at the loom.  We will build on process and technique as we go on this journey together….this is just the beginning :^)