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Autumn Fire Chenille Scarf

Patterns - Chenille Scarves - Autumn Fire

A red hot way to work with our soft and cuddly chenille. This pattern is woven at 14″ in reed, at 10 epi and requires at least:

  • 150g Bordeaux
  • 150g Cinnabar
  • 150g Blackberry
  • 50g Paprika
  • 50g Hot Plum

Summer Garden Chenille Scarf

Blue skies and green grass, plus a plum or two. This scarf is woven at 14″ in the reed, at 10 epi, and requires at least:

  • 200g Naples Blue
  • 165g Blue Velvet
  • 110g Avocado
  • 30g Purple

or, for an alternate version…

  • 200g Limoges
  • 165g Blue Iris
  • 110g Iroquois
  • 30g Avocado