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September 19, 2023 newsletter

Cozy Wraps & Blankets

Mohair and Harrisville Shetland yarns

Evenings are getting cooler and – if you have been tempted by the JST cozy wrap and blanket kits – now is the time to weave some warmth for your shoulders as we move into Fall. It’s hard to believe after the heat this summer has given us that we cross the Autumn Equinox this coming Friday!

Ruckle Beach

This kit has become a favourite project for the weavers who have woven and worn it! It will bring cozy comfort on cool autumn evenings to whoever grabs it to throw around their shoulders 😉 If you are fortunate enough to have a loom that will allow you to weave a blanket 43″ in the reed – you are all set to weave a blanket instead of 2 wraps.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: Plain weave
Material: Harrisville Shetland
Each kit makes: 1 blanket or 2 wraps

Burgoyne Berry Shetland Wraps

Looking for a tad more challenge in your weaving? This wrap is perfect for you. It’s basically the same size as the one above but in a pattern that is fun to watch develop as you weave.

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 3/1 twill, 1/3 twill & Basket weave
Material: Harrisville Shetland
Each kit makes: 2 wraps 24″ X 72″ plus fringe

Two Stripe Mohair Blankets

Looking for a new experience in weaving? Why not weave a Two Stripe Mohair Blanket and have it ready and waiting for a cool winter’s night? If you are a member of the School of Weaving – you can learn how to weave with mohair – Season 1 Episode 9 – Making a Mohair Blankie… Yes!  Have fun choosing your favourite from the colour options below.

Check out our Knowledge Base articles on:
Weaving with Mohair
Finishing Mohair
Skeleton tie-ups on a Counter-Marche Loom

Grant’s Shetland Blankie PDF Pattern

Grant’s Shetland Blankie PDF pattern is available as a FREE download. The pattern is for 2 blankets and requires 6 cones of Harrisville Shetland yarn. You can purchase the colours in the pattern or choose your own. Your loom and reed need to be able to welcome a 45″ width. This is a perfect pattern for the beginner weaver!

Level of Difficulty: Beginner
Weave structure:Twill
Material: Harrisville Shetland
pattern yields: 2 Blankies

Click here to purchase the yarn.
For fulling instructions, visit JST Knowledge Base
Fulling your handwoven fabric.

Limited Colourway Edition!

We are happy to bring back this wonderful limited edition colourway, Majestic Maple in Tussah. Grab them while we have them!

Falling Leaves Huck Lace Tea Towels

These lovely towels feature Huck Lace which gives you a chance to play with Huck and create the designs provided in the pattern OR create your own designs. You will have 8 tea towels when your warp is done that can be used as gifts or kept for your kitchen, brightening it up with the colours of Fall!

From Our Inbox

This week we are sharing this wonderful blanket that Ruth from Montana wove as a gift for her son and his wife to commemorate the year they got married.

In an additional note from Ruth she explained how she came up with the idea for the stripes in this treasured blanket: The idea to use the daily high temperatures for the weft colors came from knitted scarves I remember from several years ago. Those scarves were inspired by the Tempestry Project.

Good morning Jane,

I wanted to share the double weave blanket I made using the techniques provided in Season 3 Episode 7 of the School of Weaving.

The blanket commemorates the year my son and daughter-in-law were married. I used Harrisville Shetland set at 8 EPI, a simple charcoal frame, and for the color sequence in the weft used the high temperature readings for the year they were married. I assigned a different color to each 5 degree temperature change and each day was 2 shots of weft. There were lots of color changes so it was intentional weaving with lots of time to remember the year and my lovely children. The finished blanket has a wonderful, cuddly, soft hand and measures 64” x 96.5” excluding the fringe.

I’ve attached photos so you have an idea of the blanket.

Thank you so much for the instruction and information you provide through the school – you are an inspiration!

Kindest regards,

Ruth Terry

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