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May 24, 2022 newsletter

Unforgettable Sherella!

One of the great pleasures that has come with decades of teaching, has been the opportunity to spend time with remarkable women. I have been blessed with long and lasting friendships and some of them just have to be shared. I’d love to introduce you to Sherella Conley, one of those gals that lights up a room the minute she enters and leaves everyone wanting more.

I first met Sherella in 2008 when she started coming to Salt Spring for our in-house retreats. Her wit, humour and wisdom made every workshop that she attended, richer, like the yummy dark chocolate she is fond of 🙂

I recently reached out to her to see if I could do a wee interview and now I get to share her with all our readers.

Sherella’s Beautiful Tapestries & Shaft Loom Treasures

Units, Blocks & Profile workshop at the studio, 2012