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February 13, 2024 newsletter

Chocolate Box

Shameless, Chocolate Cherry & Violet Ice in our 30/2 Bombyx silk

Doesn’t February make you think of Valentine’s Day? Are you craving chocolates but still sticking to your New Year’s resolution? We have a calorie-free treat for you that you can wrap yourself in as you think of chocolate 😉 We think that you will find that our low-cal Chocolate Box colourway can brighten your day, and give you a sugar-free way to dream about creating a Valentine’s scarf.

Of course, we are talking about our February Colourway of JST’s fabulous silks. We’ll bet you will never look at these silks together without thinking of this colourway as a box full of Shameless, Chocolate Cherries wrapped in a Violet Ice ribbon!

New Kit Tulips

Can’t get enough of pinks and red around Valentine’s Day? This new version of our Cotton Boucle tea towels has got you covered! We’ve created a towel that will make you smile as you weave a bright spot for your kitchen. This kit weaves 8 towels – you’ll have lots to share with friends and family as a bright pink “hug” to hang in their kitchens.

From Our Inbox

We have the perfect project to share with you all for Valentine’s Day! Lorraine Whale from Blaine, Washington sent us a wonderful report on the shawls she had woven for the brides in her life. Our Elizabeth was happy to chat and help Lorraine choose the yarn for her youngest daughter’s wedding shawl as well as another wedding shawl for her good friend’s daughter.
Woven with Love: Shawls and the Enchantment of Weddings
Ah, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and I have a love story to tell. So, last week I was sitting with my husband, pouring my heart out about how much joy weaving shawls for my daughters’ weddings brought me. I’m going on about how it would not have been so enjoyable without an amazing partner. And what does he say? “ Aww.” Now he thinks I am talking about him. Sinking back into my chair I contemplate how to respond to that, without hurt feelings. Don’t get me wrong, he is a wonderful partner, but I meant JST, my go to yarn supplier and giver of great advice.

Summoning my courage, I told him what I was thinking and we both erupted in laughter because that was not what he was thinking, but let’s be real, one must give credit to where it belongs, the fabulous folks at JST. So consider this my valentine to you JST – a tale of fiber romance that I hope brings a smile to your face.

Now let me tell you all about the shawls that I made for love with your help. In 2019 my first daughter got married and I wanted to make a shawl for her, and the bridesmaids. While I sourced the cashmere for her shawl elsewhere, JST gave excellent advice on yarns for the bridesmaids’ shawls. I decided on a 20/2 Salt Spring Skies colour silk warp, and an Navy 18/2 merino wool weft, sett at 24 epi. The pattern that I chose was from Handwoven May/June 2014 in an article entitled American Snowflake Shawl by Jan Josifek. Photo by Jody Goodwin Photography

Fast-forward to winter 2022 and my youngest daughter was getting married. So what you do for one, you do for all, so it was time to start shawl planning. She wanted a light blue shawl and with the help of JST we found this Zephyr Ice Blue colour that was perfect. I wove her shawl with a 30/2 White silk warp and a zephyr, sett at 26. I used design # 70110 from For the bridesmaids, I used the same pattern, and zephyr ice blue for the warp and Zephyr Marine Blue for the weft. The Selbu mittens were knit using the same materials by the talented Lori Mae. The photograph is by Tara Hill Studios

And just when I thought my wedding shawl-making days were over, my good friend’s daughter announced her wedding and I eagerly said, let me make your wedding shawl. It was a fall wedding and the groom was wearing an ultra suede suit in mahogany. I panicked. How will I find a match? I did what I now know to do. I called JST and discussed it, and we came up with a 30/2 Chocolate Cherry silk, which I used for the warp, and a 16/2 cotton in a light brown colour to tone down the sheen of the silk against the ultra suede. It worked perfectly at a sett of 30. The pattern was a variation of the one I used for my daughter’s wedding from number 70110.

So here’s to you JST, the unsung heroes behind my woven tales of love. With your support my project visions are transformed into tangible expressing of my affections. Thank you for all you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Sample from Season 2 Episode 6, Designing Plaids

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January 9, 2024 newsletter

New Silk Colourway Winter Sky

30/2 Bombyx B.B. Blue, Glacier & Salt Spring Sky

Our Winter Sky might not look like yours – we get excited when we occasionally get to see what’s above the clouds! Our skies are grey and heavy with rain at this time of year, and for that, we are thankful. We live surrounded by old-growth forests that need the rain, and our Winter Sky provides them with life. It can be very peaceful walking through the forest on a winter’s night with a “blanket” of blues overhead. We’d love to see what you create with our Winter Sky Silk Colourway.

20/2 Tussah B.B. Blue, Glacier & Salt Spring Sky

We can wind a silk skein onto a styrene spool. Winding fee (C$15.00) per skein. Fee includes styrene spool

Magical Silk Scarves

There is nothing more stylish or comforting than wrapping yourself with a combination of silk and another special fibre. One of our most delightfully elegant combinations is our 40/2 linen with our JST 30/2 silk. Our Fulford Mist and Ganges Sunrise scarves are prime examples of the happy outcome of the “marriage” of fine linen and fine silk.

Another happy “marriage” is between our soft and elegant 18/2 merino with our fabulous in-house dyed 20/2 silk. Our kit for 2 scarves comes in a choice of two colourways – Melting Ice or Chocolate & Vanilla.

Fulford Mist

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill Weave

Loom requirements:
Shafts: 4
Reed: 12 dent

Each kit includes:
Weaving instructions (including draft)
1 skein of 30/2 Bombyx Margaretta Violetta
1 skein of 30/2 Bombyx Salt Spring Sky
1 cone of 40/2 linen Olive
1 cone of 40/2 linen Teal

Ganges Sunrise

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

Weave structure: 1/3, 3/1 Twill Weave

Loom requirements:
Shafts: 4
Reed: 12 dent

Each kit includes:
Weaving instructions (including draft)
1 cone of 40/2 linen – Teal
1 cone of 40/2 linen – Olive
1 skein of 30/2 Bombyx – Coral Flame
1 skein of 30/2 Bombyx – Dragon Fruit

Melting Ice

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill Weave

Loom requirements:
Shafts: 4
Reed: 12 dent (or use your reed substitution chart)
Weaving Width: 17.5″

Each kit includes:
Weaving instructions (including draft)
1 skein of 20/2 Bombyx Violet Ice
1 skein of 20/2 Bombyx Double Chocolate
1 100g cone of 18/2 Merino Suede
1 100g cone of 18/2 Merino Vanilla

Chocolate & Vanilla

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner
Weave structure: 2/2 Twill Weave

Loom requirements:
Shafts: 4
Reed: 12 dent (or use your reed substitution chart)
Weaving Width: 17.5″

Each kit includes:

Weaving instructions (including draft)
1 skein of 20/2 Bombyx Natural
1 skein of 20/2 Bombyx Rainy Day
1 100g cone of 18/2 Merino Shale
1 100g cone of 18/2 Merino Pewter

Designing Projects

Are you ready to design a New Year’s project, daring to take what you’ve learned in the Seasons and episodes you have watched and learned from so far? This is a very personal challenge for you…go back to the beginning of what you learned about design and colour, then start layering a structure you may never have woven before. Think about a scarf or wrap project you’d like to create – you have all that new knowledge just waiting to help you create your design. It’s time to get your notebook out again and design graphics until you design one that makes you smile. Start thinking – coloured pencils in hand – as you layer colours on your graphic. We are creating different silk colourways that have “asked” to live together and might give you some colour inspiration as you plan a wrap or a scarf using silk as part of your design. We’d love it if you could share with us – on the Forum or Ravelry – the story and photos of what you have woven using what you’ve learned from the School of Weaving.

Majestic Maple

Winter Berries

Storm Watching

Winter Sky

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Thinking of mixing colours and yarn? Here’s our January 2024 calendar yarn feature – starting at the top with Quebecoise 2 Ply Wool Natural GreyMohair – Orlando Loop and Quebecoise 2 Ply Natural White.

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December 19, 2024 newsletter

Winter Berries Silk Colourway

Winter Berries in Bombyx Silk

We’ve just created our December Silk ensemble – its title sounds as tasteful as the Winter Berries colourway is. At this time of year, we all want to wear something elegant to seasonal events. Just imagine a scarf or wrap woven with our JST Bombyx or Tussah silks in colours named Double Chocolate, Jam Jar and Buddha Berry. These delicious colours could weave into a stunning scarf or wrap using our 40/2 linen, 18/2 merino or Zephyr wool/silk as the cream on your Winter Berries 😉

Available in both 20/2 & 30/2 Bombyx and 20/2 Tussah silks.

Winter Berries in 20/2 Tussah Silk

If receiving skeins of silk is a little overwhelming, we can wind the skeins you order onto spools – for a small fee. If you are a School of Weaving subscriber, we have a video of Jane demonstrating how to wind onto a spool using a skein winder. You can check out how in Season 1 video 1.1.2 Warping on a Warping Board. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up today for your FREE 7-day trial today!

You can also read an article in our JST Knowledge Base on how to do it yourself. If you don’t have any spools in your stash – remember to add them to your next silk order.

Wrap Kits Back in Stock!

Our popular wraps – woven in soft, delectable Harrisville yarn – are back in stock. Can there be anything cozier than being able to wrap yourself in a Ruckle Beach, Burgoyne Berries, or Autumn Orchard “hug”? Order a kit while we have them in stock and dress your loom in beautiful Harrisville Shetland yarn. As you weave, picture yourself wrapped up in one of these as you curl up with a good book on a cold winter’s night. You can create 2 wraps with each of these kits giving you a second one so you can share a “hug” with someone special.

Get ready to take your weaving to the next level with Jane’s Weaving Essentials!

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One last reminder!

Louet Loom price increase starts January 1, 2024

Prices on all Louet looms and accessories will be increasing on January 1st by about 2-3%. All orders placed with us before January 1, 2024, will receive the current prices.

Jane 16-shaft Table Loom

JST Holiday Days

The JST Studio will be closed starting December 23rd and will open again on January 2, 2024. We will be shipping orders out until December 22 at 10 am PST and all orders placed after this time will be shipped out on January 2, 2024.

From Our Inbox

We were delighted with the perfect timing of Cathy Spatz’s email popping in and telling the story of these beautiful, seasonal towels. Cathy is from Warrington, Pennsylvania and she has taken Jane’s “what if” and created a wonderful selection of towels that will be happy in any kitchen during the holidays. Jane was delighted to see that Cathy took what she learned watching on YouTube and weaving the Tea Towel Time with Jane towels. Read Cathy’s story and see the towels she created below. Jane often says – take a pattern and make it yours – Cathy did exactly that and we were delighted to see the results.
Hello Jane & Crew –

Needing to make a batch of seasonal towels this December, I wondered what would happen if I went through Tea Towel Time with Jane once again, this time using traditional Christmas colors. I am so thrilled with both the process and the results! I re-watched all the Facebook Lives from 2020, and found little bits of inspiration and instruction I’d missed the first time around. I did condense the width to 442 ends so it fit my 22″ reed, and I alternated three colors rather than two in the stripes. Knowing I couldn’t rely on color interplay with the restricted palette of black, natural, red and green, and wanting to avoid three-shuttle designs, I played with twill variations. I thought the Pinwheels were seasonally festive, found Herringbone & Rosepath both fun and effective, and may have incorporated more Basketweave if I’d had more than 10 yards on the loom.

Thank you for opening up the world of weaving in my little corner of Pennsylvania. I have been a member of the School of Weaving on and off since 2018, I think. Sometimes, like now, I need a pause in membership to explore and play with what I’ve learned so far. This past summer I was stuck on huck – just loved it and probably could have stayed with it for the rest of the year. These latest towels have reawoken my love of twill, and now that I have an 8-shaft loom, I have even more ways to play, so I think I’ll be on twill through the winter, at least. I’m looking forward to re-joining the school sometime next year.

Cathy Spatz

Pin Wheel!

Turned Twill!

Pinwheel and plain weave 🙂


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