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August 23, 2022 newsletter

Comfy, Cosy, Whole Lotta Huggin’ Blankets

Our fabulous Dream Team member, Sharon Broadley designed these beautiful blankets as a way to send some love and coziness to friends and family. Besides being cozy – they are also stunning, bright, cheery and affordable – what else can I say to describe them? As soon as this current heat wave passes and you start feeling that fall is in the air – this kit, with a warp long enough to weave 3 blankets, could be waiting to jump onto your 45″ loom. They are woven with Quebecoise 100% wool yarn which makes each one an affordable gift to have ready and waiting for some special occasion.


Semi Bleached Tussah Here for Short Time!

We are lucky to have some more of our fabulous Semi Bleached Tussah silk in stock. It’s a lovely soft beige colour that looks stunning woven the way it is or – if you are a fan of dyeing your own colours – it takes dye beautifully. This silk will create a fabulous range of slightly muted, soft colours to make your weaving uniquely yours.

20/2 Tussah Semi Bleached

100% Silk Spun in Switzerland – 20/2 Tussah 5000 yds/lb
Available in 100 gr. skeins with 1100 yds/skein.

Check out our Pucker Up Scarf kits

Each Simple Collapse Weave Pucker Up kit comes with instructions, pattern and all the yarn which includes 18/2 Merino Wool & JST’s hand-dyed 30/2 Bombyx silk you need to weave up 2 scarves. You’ll need a 4 shaft loom with a width of 18 inches.

From Our Inbox!

We were happy to see the photo below from School of Weaving member – France – when it popped into our Inbox! Below, in her words, France describes her very impressive project and shares with us a wee bit about herself.

Here’s my latest work. A rug in Rep Weave and is 160″ long by 26″ wide. I started this project in April after the maple sugar season. I have just finished it. The warp is 8/2 cotton at 48 ends per inch. The weft is 16/8 twice (2 strands of 16/8) cotton with tabby 8/2 cotton. Since I am not a fast weaver, it took me a long time to weave.

I take time to watch all of your videos and I adore what you do and how you teach. I am also a weaving teacher in a town near where I live. I take one student at a time and teach him or her, the basics of making a simple draft and how to put the threads on the loom. Our looms are all sectional.


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