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February 1st, 2022 newsletter

JST’s Turned Twill Scarves

Turned Twill is one of my favourite weave structures and the cloth it creates can seem like magic. Turned Twill gives you blocks of colour that can dance across your cloth. So much fun can be had with this structure and we have three lovely kits available. Our kits will weave 2 scarves each, one for you and one to put away as a gift for a special person in your life!

Each kit comes with all the yarn you’ll need and includes the draft with instructions – you just add the fun!

School of Weaving Kits

Our shelves are now stocked with Season 6 kits for episodes 2, 3 and 4!
All kits include the PDF pattern with instructions to be used in conjunction with the School of Weaving episodes airing this year.

Episode 2

8 Shaft Twill & Tie-up Quadrants

For this episode, we continue on where we left off last season with Turned Twill. We will explore new ways to manipulate the tie-up box as we study our tie-ups in quadrants. We’ll frame Lace with Twill, Basket Weave & Plain Weave as we explore so many more graphic ideas & colour palettes. The kit includes all the yarn you’ll need to weave 12 towels.

Episode 3

Monk’s Belt

The first weave structure we explore in Units, Blocks & Profiles this season is Monk’s Belt which uses 2 opposite twill units. We’ll learn how to lengthen the pattern floats and how your warp’s EPI controls the number of times a unit can be repeated. We’ll explore division of space in the weft by playing with block combinations, weaving Monk’s Belt with and without tabby and exploring the addition of inlay in our cloth. We’ll be weaving 12 placemats. You will receive detailed instructions for the 8 placemats in the photo below, leaving you plenty of warp left to weave your own designs for 4 more 🙂

Episode 4


There is so much to explore with Overshot that we’re giving this structure two episodes. In this first episode we learn how the structure is derived from the 4 basic twill units and we’ll see how twills influence Overshot shapes. We’ll learn to treadle Tromp as Writ, Rose Fashion and on opposites. We’ll use contemporary graphics to bring the old and new together while adding Plain Weave elements to our overall designs. The kit includes the instructions and treadling notes to weave 5 scarves. However, you may want to create your own designs after watching this episode – so many possibilities!

(All of our silks are hand dyed right here on Salt Spring Island)


Are you subscribed to School of Weaving previously known as JST Online Guild?

In April 2021 the JST Online Guild moved to a brand new website and changed the name to School of Weaving. This means you now require two logins, one for to purchase yarns and supplies and one for to watch all the videos.

If you are currently an active subscriber, you’ll receive an email from us on your renewal day to sign up for your next year’s subscription. Once expired, you will need to go through the 7-day free trial and enter your payment details as well as choose whether you want to pay yearly $99.99US or monthly $9.99US. Please make sure your subscription has expired before signing up again, otherwise, it will not accept your renewal. This 7-day Free Trial renewal process is the only time you will have to do this on the School of Weaving site.

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm PDT at 1-250-537-9468.

From the JST Knowledge Base files

Ask Jane

From my notes on your terrific twills videos, determining epi is clear, however, I am not sure about ppi. You say twill needs 45 degrees for drape, but how do I know when my ppi is balanced…. I always look for the “little square spaces” for plain weave, but does that apply to twill?

The easiest way to see if your twill is balanced is to take a square piece of paper and fold it into a triangle. You will then have a perfect 45-degree angle. I put that on the fabric and check my diagonal. If the angle is low you are beating too hard, if the angle is high you aren’t beating hard enough and if the angle is right on with the paper, you are beating just right. This reads like Goldilocks and the 3 bears. :^) Hope this helps.

You can watch Jane weave a balanced twill in Season 4 Episode 1
At the Loom, Introduction to Twill

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December 15th, 2021 Newsletter

Looking for a Last Minute Gift?

We have Gift Certificates
JST Shop & School of Weaving!

You choose the amount that you wish to give and we’ll email the recipient their JST Gift Certificate. They will then be able to put it towards something on their Wish List.

  Please note that this gift certificate cannot be used for the Jane Stafford School of Weaving.


Give the gift of learning with an all-access subscription to
Jane Stafford School of Weaving.

Choose to give 1-12 months.
We’ll email the recipient instructions on how to sign in to their new subscription.
They can activate it at any time!

JST’s Hand-dyed Tussah

One of our hand-dyed silks made its way into the Handwoven Magazine’s Nov/Dec 2021 issue! Natalie Drummond’s Deflected Double Weave Cool Breeze project uses our 20/2 Tussah silk along with space-dyed Tencel. We were so pleased to see that she had chosen to work with our JST hand-dyed Felicitation! The results are just beautiful!

To view more of Natalie’s work, follow her on Instagram

School of Weaving Kits Season 6 Now Available

Episode 2 – 8 Shaft Twill Blocks & Tie-up Quadrants

Episode 3 – Monk’s Belt

Episode 4 – Overshot

We will be closed for the holidays from December 25th to January 2nd.
The last order for shipping before the holidays is December 24th.
Orders placed during our closed days will be processed on January 4th, 2022.

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