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January 3, 2024 newsletter

Weaving Essentials

Starting your journey into the world of weaving can feel overwhelming, considering the array of equipment and tools involved. But don’t worry! Jane’s essential weaving tools and equipment are listed below and will simplify the process for beginners. Whether it’s looms, shuttles, or yarn, Jane’s essential list has got you covered. We’ve selected some of her favourite tools that will help you warp, thread and learn to weave your beginning projects.

A Loom

We absolutely adore the Louet Jane, David, and Spring looms – they’re our top picks for weaving success! But really, any loom can kickstart your weaving journey. So, gather your tools, join the School of Weaving to guide you as you learn to weave and you’re off to a good start!

Jane 16 shaft Table Loom

All David and Spring looms are in stock and ready to ship. Once ordered the looms generally take 5 days to reach our customers!

11″ Schacht Open Bottom Shuttle & 4″ Bobbins

Jane’s all time favourite shuttle is the 11″ Schacht Open Bottom – you’ll always see at least 2 sitting on her loom as she is weaving for us on the School of Weaving. They come in several different sizes as well as 2 different kinds of wood – maple or cherry and are light and easy to throw. The magic of these shuttles is that they have an opening on the bottom of the shuttle which gives you a chance to slow down your bobbin with your finger as your shuttle leaves your shed. 

Schacht 11″ Open Bottom Shuttle


One tool that you can’t do without is a good warping board or a warping mill. One of the best ways to get good results on your the loom, is to have a warp that is wound perfectly, slips onto your loom happily and can’t wait to get started 😉 Don’t have room to hang a warping board in your home? How about a warping mill that makes winding a warp so much easier.

Leclerc Warping Boards

Leclerc Warping Mill – Table Top

Bobbin Winders

We all need good bobbin winders no matter whether you choose an electric double bobbin winder or hand bobbin winder that we carry. Any one of these bobbin winders will make your weaving life easier. If you are treating yourself to some of our wonderful silk with the gift certificate you got for Christmas – the double ended bobbin winder, an umbrella swift plus a wee stash of the large Leclerc spools and you’ll be weaving with silk in no time.

Leclerc Double Ended Bobbin Winder

Leclerc Hand Bobbin Winder

Sley Hook

The sley hook is a tool we always have sitting by our looms. It’s the “queen” of sley hooks made by Harrisville and is another one of the tools that Jane can’t live without. You’ll notice that Jane uses it for many things including as a pointer as she takes us through the PDFs that come with our School of Weaving projects 😉

Harrisville Heddle/Reed Hook

8/2 Cotton

We carry a full range of colours in our 8/2 cotton yarn which becomes a staple yarn in every weavers stash. It’s popular, versatile, and won’t break the bank! The perfect yarn for a beginner to practice winding a warp, dressing your loom and then weaving off a tea towel, runner or your first project.

8/2 cotton

School of Weaving Subscription

Kick off your new year with a bang! This January, let’s tackle weaving together. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned weaver, the School of Weaving is ready to help you level up. Join us – you won’t regret it!

Beginner Kits
Colour & Weave Season 2

School of Weaving’s Season 1 is all about you learning how to get your loom up and ready for you to weave. Then – you get to play with Colour & Weave in Season 2! There are so many projects that you can weave while you play with the colour and design of your cloth as the fun really begins. Check out Season 2 kits and soon you’ll be weaving samples become reference samples as you start to design your own unique cloth!

Season 8 First Kits Now in Stock!

Our first 3 kits for Season 8 are in stock and waiting for you. These kits are designed for Intermediate weavers for the first 3 projects that we cover in Season 8 episodes 1 & 2.

M’s & O’s Go On a 2nd Date in Episode 1

Shadow Weave 4 shaft project scarf for Episode 2

Shadow Weave 8 shaft project gamp for Episode 2

Here to help

Have a weaving question? Find us on the Jane Stafford School of Weaving Forum and on Weave with Jane Stafford at Ravelry.

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June 21, 2022 newsletter

Season 2 – Colour & Design Kits

Have you always been tempted to do (or redo) the Colour & Design projects from way back in Season 2? There is something magical about the simplicity and versatility of creating cloth using these basic tools. Once you’ve had a chance to “play” with them – so many “what if” ideas will pop into your head 😉

Each kit comes with a weaving draft so you can follow along while you watch the videos of me playing with so many colour and design elements. Each kit includes enough yarn for a 6 yard warp which becomes your personal canvas to experiment and play on. You will learn how to weave towels on these warps – and on some – magically see that by opening up your sett, you can also weave a scarf or shawl on the same warp. You can even incorporate some of your own stash yarns for your weft. The possibilities are endless.

excerpt from Season 2 on SoW:

Season 2 lays the foundations of Colour and Design for your journey into weaving. We learn about colour theory, graphic, division of space and the architecture of design. All are presented in a way that allows weavers to bring their ideas to reality.

This entire year we will be working with 7 warps that all start at 18 EPI but I change the sett throughout, so it is important that we talk about sett even further to lay our foundation. I provide all the technical information you need to do this on your own looms.


Asymmetry will give you a great foundation. We start out at 18 EPI and 18 PPI and as you will see in the videos, I change it up once we get some of the basics covered. 

And the things we will learn

  • How beautiful asymmetrical graphics are.
  • Fibonacci used as an incremental unit of 10 ends – movement of weight across a Canvas… dark to light. 
  • Graduating colours.
  • The power of a zinger.
  • Training your eye to see square.
  • How to change out a colour in the warp.
  • How to change our sett in relationship to changing our weft.

Asymmetry Kit includes one cone each of Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Bleached & Red in 8/2 cotton.

Colour & Weave

Gamps are great for getting a lot of information out of one warp. Colour & Weave is pure magic. How can all these little sequences of dark and light net us so many remarkable little patterns. The patterns themselves are remarkable but the sequencing is very important, it is the source of so much of the “play” in all of my work.

Things we will learn

  • Practice making a warp with different numbers of warp ends in the seven different sequences.
  • How putting in coloured divider threads help us keep each section clean and easy to read.
  • How crazy beautiful these pattern are 🙂
  • How to read a gamp.

Colour and Weave Kit includes 3 cones of Navy, 3 cones of Natural & 1 cone of Apricot in 8/2 cotton.

Fibonacci with Gradation AKA Parrot

The inspiration for Sample #3 was a parrot. It honestly had all these colours in it, it was just breathtaking. All my early inspiration comes from some external source and eventually morphs into something that has my fingerprint on it.

Things we will learn

  • Using Fibonacci in yet another way. I have taken the numbers; 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13 and added a zero to each one e.i 2>20,3>30,5>50,8>80, and 13 > 130. The graphic grows systematically.
  • The power of a line.
  • The idea of same/same. You have two ways to make your warp with the same colours – you get to pick – either way is equally beautiful.
  • Colour gradation plus another element with strong contrast.
  • Clasped weft technique.

Fibonacci with Gradation AKA Parrot Kit includes 1 cone each of Apricot, Pale Orange, Hot Pink, Fuchsia & Peacock in 8/2 cotton.


We are weaving this simple pattern made up of 2 different sized squares with a striping sequence in a very traditional layout. When you watch episode 6 you will start out playing in a very traditional way with the squares and the stripes, but by the time we finish you won’t even recognize this warp. You won’t be thinking traditional tartan or plaid.

Things we will learn

  • Yet another way to use Fibonacci.
  • Working with complementary colours.
  • Challenging our ideas around value.
  • Creating more complex colour by mixing values… One in the warp, one in the weft.

Plaid Kit includes 1 cone each of Olive, Gold, Purple & 2 cones of Red in 8/2 cotton.

All About Stripes

The stripe has an ancient history but hasn’t always been loved. For much of history the stripe was used to label one as an outcast of some sort, a leper, a prisoner or a prostitute to name just a few. Stripe had to wait for modern times to be seen as loveable.

Things we will learn

  • That big division of space come first, even with stripes.
  • How to create repetitive sequencing with narrow and wide stripes.
  • How to work with colours of very close value and still see graphic.
  • How to use up your stash.
  • Learn the power of a zinger, even a thread or two.

All About Stripes Kit includes 1 cone each of Butter, Nile, Pale Limette & 2 cones of Lemon in 8/2 cotton.

Muted Colour Gamp

This is the first of two colour gamps in this workshop. Don’t let the word “muted” fool you, we take this warp and bring brilliance to the muted warp colours by overlaying all those bright colours from the other samples you have woven so far. You will have so much fun doing this.

Things we will learn

  • Arranging muted version of the primary and secondary colour wheel in gradation from light to dark, laying them all on a natural background.
  • Weaving the colours solid on solid and alternating on alternating.
  • Bring the loud members of the family to the party to brighten things up.
  • Working with textured weft yarns.

Muted Colour Gamp Kit includes 1 cone each of Forest, Natural, Navy, Raspberry, Gold, Purple & Cayenne in 8/2 cotton.

Primaries and Secondaries

This gamp we work with primary and secondary colours in purer hues on a black background. We will weave it very much like the last gamp but this is the first time we delve into twills.

Things we will learn

  • The power of a black background.
  • How black keeps other colours clear.
  • How the balance of colour changes in twills because we see more of each colour due to the float length.
  • How colour and weave patterns appear in twills when we alternate colour in the warp and weft.
  • We have been developing our technique to control our beater throughout this whole workshop and now we will use this control to weave twill and plain weave at the same sett.

Primaries and Secondaries Kit includes 1 cone each of Black, Emerald, Royal, Light Purple, Red, Orange & Lemon in 8/2 cotton.

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