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April 12, 2022 newsletter

Twill & Grace

New Placemat Kit in Stock!

You’ll have fun playing with this gorgeous idea. It is a threading from one my workshop gamps in Season 4 of the School of Weaving. One threading and oodles of options for treadling. Rebecca Logan wove these up for me and had a blast playing with options. You can have 8 or possibly 10 placemats depending on your loom loss allotment. Some folks use more than others 🙂

We can make this kit in any colour you’d like. Take a peek at our 8/4 cotton page to see the colour range and check availability. While you are in the cotton section of our yarn list – also choose the 8/2 colour you want for your cotton hems (it should match your main warp colour). Then, simply put the Twill & Grace Kit into your cart, go to the note section of the checkout screen and let us know what colours you have chosen for your version of this fabulous kit.

Back in Stock

Traditional 11 inch Brass Scissors

Scissors don’t come much meatier than these 11″ bad boys. They have quality hand-forged brass handles which provide the perfect grip and are ideal for efficiently cutting through your handwoven cloth as it comes off the loom or on the cutting table. These heavyweight blades give you excellent control as you cut your cloth. Hand-forged in India.

Ask Jane

Do you need a floating selvedge?

From the JST Knowledge Base Files

In answer to a question raised on the JST Online Guild Forum ……..

I hope I didn’t actually say….”avoid floating selvedges”. I personally don’t like floating selvedges because they slow me down so I only use them when I have to. Sometimes we do need them in our lives to keep our selvedges on the straight and narrow…haha! SO I probably wasn’t thinking about all the different weave structures that need selvedge treatment when I blurted that out. I think the point I was trying to make was that you absolutely don’t need a floating selvedge on Plain Weave and there were some beginner weavers in my life who were doing that. I want to encourage all new weavers to develop control over their selvedges and, if we can ace this on Plain Weave, we are well set for further adventures. So Plain Weave doesn’t need it, but Twills on 4 shafts do. Other weave structures that pop into my mind are Basket Weave and Canvas Weave where you have 2 picks in the same shed. Sometimes we start a Plain Weave project and we decide to throw in a little bit of twill for a border or something like that….then you will need a floating selvedge, especially if you are reversing your Twill directions a lot. In this case, I just cut off my first and last heddle and I have an instant floating selvedge. I weight those ends with an S hook and whatever thingme I have hanging around that I have 2 of…., so they are equal on both sides.

Some 4 shaft weave structures allow us to thread vertical Plain Weave sections into our warp….like the lace weaves. With those, we don’t need a floating selvedge if we’ve got Plain Weave threaded at the selvedge. Even pure M’s & O’s can have Plain Weave threaded into the warp which really cleans up the scallops on that structure.

Supplementary weft structures like Monk’s Belt, Overshot, Crackle and Summer and Winter have alternating picks of Plain Weave between each pattern pick. But, with those, I do use a floating selvedge just because you could then have longer pattern floats at the selvedge and the floating selvedge helps clean the edge up.

I think the best way to look at this topic is simply this….. there are a million different weave structures out there and they all have different requirements in regards to many things. We can’t treat the selvedge the same way with every weave structure. Sometimes you need em, sometimes you don’t. . Hope this helps. Jane
If you are a subscriber to School of Weaving and want to learn more about floating selvedges watch Season 4 – Twill on 4. You’ll also learn about Twill & Simple Two Stripe, Small Threadings, Point Twill, Large Threadings, Colour & Weave Meets Twill, Twill & Basket Weave, Shadow Weave AND Weft Faced Twills which includes 7 gamps to weave for your own weaving library!

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