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June 6, 2023 newsletter

New Québécoise Colours

We’ve added 6 new colours to our range of Québécoise colours – bringing up the number of colours you can choose to 20!

  Khaki, Tangerine, Gold, Navy, Sunset Yellow, Forest Green
Made of 100% wool, Québécoise is a sturdy yarn that softens with brushing. Durable, washable and affordable. There are approximately 217 yards per 100g skein (984 yards/ lb).

New JST Sample Cards

We now have sample cards for Québécoise 2 Ply Wool and Venne’s Eco Jeans Recycled Yarn.

When you order sample cards from us, you can be sure that the actual yarn is attached to your card (except for our silk card). It’s the only time we like to say that something from JST comes with strings attached!

Each card is hand built and will help you make those perfect design decisions with more accuracy than you get by just looking at a photo of the yarn. We try to pack every card with all the information you’ll need when planning your project – suggested setts, yardage per lb. and cone, and material.

Québécoise 2 Ply Wool

Venne Eco Jeans

Schacht shuttles back in stock

Schacht has started producing 13-inch, 15-inch shuttles again and we are really excited to have them back in stock.

Schacht shuttles are Jane’s favourite. Why are these fabulous shuttles Jane’s favourites? Because they are the tool that is always in her hand at the loom and it needs to be light, the right length and have an open bottom to control the spin of the bobbin with her finger. Jane can even choose between maple or cherry depending on the colour of wood she prefers ;-).

You can see these shuttles fly in Jane’s hands as she weaves using her mantra – Throw – Beat – Change – Beater Back – in so many episodes of the School of Weaving. New weavers – you can watch Jane explain her mantra in Season 1 Episode 1, video 1.3.3.

Looking for a Double Open Bottom Shuttle – those are in stock as well!
Double Bobbin Open Bottom Shuttles

From Our Inbox

We were excited to see the email from Martha of Lake Orion, MI, USA. She has combined and layered so many techniques from School of Weaving seasons and episodes to create this magnificent piece.

If you want to follow her journey – start with Season 2 – Episode 3: Colour… colour… more colour and Episode 4: The Colour and Weave Sample plus Episode 4: Parrot & Fibonacci. Then Martha moved on to Season 3 – Episode 1: Denting

You are an inspiration to us all, Martha!

Hi Jane and team,

Thank you so much for all of your lessons and inspiration. We have a guild that follows and meets to go over the classes, here in Lake Orion, MI. I have learned so much from them and your dream team over the years I thought I’d share a 4 shaft color and weave using the tools you have taught me. Inspiration from a photo, picking yarns. Color and Weave. Denting. Fibonacci. Thick and thin, but most importantly sett. I love being able to use my handspun yarn successfully in weaving now that I truly understand sett- it has opened up a whole world of ideas for me. So here is a version of color and weave on 4 for season 7.

Thank you all.

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