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January 6th 2022, newsletter

Happy New Year!

2022 is upon us and the light is coming back. I’m already noticing our days getting a wee bit longer. Gotta love it!

I haven’t made any specific New Year’s resolutions, but I have tried to make intentions. I intend to be kinder to myself this year. I intend to listen to my poor achy body and not push it so hard. I intend to perfect my new mantra “whatever”….and let things go, because really, do those little glitches in life really matter? Even the big glitches are hard to control, so I intend to just be grateful for all I’ve got and keep moving forward. Heck……I’ve got to get on it because I’m going to be an Old Age Pensioner this year…..How did that happen 🙂 I’m not bothered by it, but I am kind of shocked.

My wish for you is that you’ll give yourselves the love you deserve. Be kind to yourself, weave kindness into each day and it will radiate out to all around you.

So… we go…..another year of weaving 🙂
Sending tons of love,

In case you missed it

School of Weaving Season 6 trailer is out! We begin 2022 with the Introduction to Units, Blocks & Profiles on January 20th. Lots of time to binge watch Season 5! If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so with our 7-day free trial.

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Huck Lace Cotton Tea Towel Kits

Looking for a splash of colour to pull you out of the white and grey skies of a northern winter? These Plain Weave and Huck tea towels are certain to bring a bit of sunshine and colour onto your loom and add a bit of zing to your kitchen. For those of you who live in sunshine at this time of year – weave them just for the joy of it!

Each JST Huck Lace Cotton Tea Towel kit includes the PDF pattern and weaving instructions along with all the 8/2 cotton needed to weave these towels.
Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner Weave structure: Plain Weave & Huck Lace
Material: 6 cones of 8/2 Cotton
Loom shaft requirement: 4
Reed size: 12 dent
Weaving width: 25 ½”
Each kit makes: 8 Tea Towels

Mountain Views

Falling Leaves

From our Inbox

Just before our holiday break we received a lovely note from Lynn of Cody, Wyoming that we just had to share with everyone. Well done Lynn!

“I’ve attached a photo of the tea towels I made for my bookclub for Christmas and, borrowing Jane’s creative way of displaying her towels, I hung them on a clothesline. You’ll probably recognize various lessons from Seasons 1 and 2.”

We always love seeing what everyone’s been up to…so please send it along 🙂

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