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July 18, 2023 newsletter

New Linen Colours

Now comes the fun part of clearing off our shelves to make room for new colours – we’ve just added 4 stunning shades to our 40/2 Linen. Imagine what you can create using one or two new colours and mixing them with the 40/2 Linen we already have on our shelves. If you haven’t woven with this linen – you are in for a treat! And, If you are new to weaving with linen – you can check out the School of Weaving – Season 3 Episode 2 where the magic happens by combining Cramming and Denting and 40/2 Linen.

40/2 Linen Setts

Plain weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi to create a crisp but still drapey fabric
30 epi and 30 ppi to create a little crisper fabric which will still be soft.

Combined with 30/2 Bombyx silk in the warp and weft:
Plain weave: 24 epi and 24 ppi for a beautiful, stable and drapey fabric.

Using 30/2 silk as the warp and 40/2 linen as the weft:
Plain weave: 30 epi and 30 ppi for a fabulous, drapey fabric that is a little firmer than above.

Lavender Lace Kit in any colour!

Have you been admiring the beautiful Lavender Lace Kits in the JST Online shop but the colours offered – just don’t quite appeal to you? Did you know that you can order the kits in any colour of 40/2 Linen you want? 

When you have put the kit into your cart and you proceed to Checkout – go to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an “Order notes (optional)” box. Let us know in that box that you would like to weave the Lavender Lace kit in Emperor blue – for instance – or choose any colour from our rainbow of 40/2 Linen that calls to you.

A Few More Linen Kits

Fulford Mist Linen & Silk Scarves
For the Advanced Beginner
2/2 Twill Weave

30/2 Bombyx Silk & 40/2 linen

Each kit makes: 2 Scarves

Ganges Sunrise Scarves

1/3, 3/1 Twill Weave

We offer 2 options for this kit!

with 2 JST Exclusive hand-dyed silks
or for more colour options,
with 4 JST Exclusive hand-dyed silks

8/2 cotton in Khaki

We will be discontinuing 8/2 cotton in Khaki shortly as we continue to add new colours to the yarns we carry. If you have a project in mind where you would use Khaki – now is the time to grab the few we have left to add to your stash!

School of Weaving Linen Episodes

We have two lessons where the projects are woven in Linen. If you are new to weaving with linen – those two episodes are certainly worth watching.

From Our Inbox

We have a real treat for you this week – music and beautiful cloth. Helen Deighan of Hindhead, in the UK, sent this delightful email to From Our Inbox. It’s been a treat to read her email and listen to the song she writes about, as we looked at the stunning Name Draft pieces she has shared with us.

Hi Jane and team,

I thought you might like to see my Name Drafting pieces and also to thank you for a wonderful programme. I have been weaving for a number of years, really just following patterns. I now understand enough to design my own pieces – thanks

In 1969 my husband wrote a song ‘Champs Elysee ‘ It became a huge hit in France and is still very popular today even used by the French football team when they won a big trophy. This song has been part of our lives for over 50 years so I thought I would use it for my Name Drafting exercise, Season 6 episode 5. I just took the letters of the song title. Red, white and blue were not my usual colours of choice but thought they were right for this work. I created three little blocks which will be displayed together for my husband to hang in his studio.

A little bit about the history of the song. It was first written by my husband Michael Deighan with his partner Mike Welsh in 1969. It was called Waterloo Road. It was then taken to France and translated and was recorded by Joe Dassin and became a big hit. If you Google ‘Champs Elysee song’ lots of recordings come up including the original version by Joe Dassin.

Hope you enjoy it.
Helen Deighan

Want to learn more about Name Drafting on Overshot? We have an episode at School of Weaving!

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