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April 11, 2023 newsletter

New JST PDF Pattern!

Mavis’ Monk’s Belt & Basket Weave scarves

This wonderful scarf pattern came about when we were creating Season 7 Episode 3 of the School of Weaving, which was all about Monk’s Belt. While I was researching patterns that used a Monk’s Belt threading and treadling I came across this wonderful pattern in “The Virginia West Swatch Book” which was published in 1985. This book is a treasure… is one of those books from that era where handwoven samples are included. She called the pattern Basket Squares. Mavis MacMillan is a weaver on my Dream Team and she happened to be in the studio when I was poking through it…..I said “Hey Mavis, do you want to weave this?”……and the rest is history :)…..Thank you Virginia and thank you Mavis.


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From Our Inbox

We’ve had another email from PK in New Zealand. This time she shares what she created after doing the Colour & Weave gamp from Season 2.  She also shares photos of the gamp itself. She is really taking what she has learned with each lesson and expanding it to create her own unique cloth. Well done, PK!
Hi, me again!

After each lesson I use what I have learned so far to create something in merino (my go-to fibre).

This I call Chili con Verde, and it was inspired by looking down at my salsa plate!! I hand dyed all of the 4ply merino, using the avocado green as the zinger (in an asymmetric division of space in 5!).

I used the DLDDL sequence from my gamp in the entire weft and warped half in DLDDL, a quarter in DDLLL, with the rest in plain weave.

I have also enclosed pics of my tea towels made from the sampling. Also the gamp. I opened up the sett to 16ppi for a scarf. I can only wear it loosely tied at the neck as it really is too short (ran out of warp!).

Thanks for the fun! PK

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