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March 15, 2022 newsletter

Basket Weaving

Open Twined Pouch

Baskets make me think of spring – and Joan Carrigan’s video on weaving Open Twined Pouches has me thinking about the many ways these lovely pouches could be used – holding bobbins, shuttles, measuring tape from your loom – pop into mind. These are one of my favourite baskets because of the variety of shapes you can create…..and they don’t all have to hold garlic, even though that was the first use I put them to 😉

In the video below, Joan and I weave these delightful small pouches. The material provided with the Open Twined Garlic Basket provides you with enough material to make several of these delightful pouches. Just follow us in the video below to make your own!

Open Twined Garlic Basketf

If you want to try weaving a basket – we have a kit! The Open Weave Garlic Basket is woven with regular twining using rattan reed. This kit includes material for 3 baskets –  3 sets of spokes and 3 sets of weavers in a variety of natural and dyed colours for you to mix and match. And, they can be used to hold lots of different treasures. The free video takes you through the process of building your own – the video below was filmed for School of Weaving’s Season 2: Episode 9. You can use your own material or buy the kit, which also includes the written instructions.

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From our Old Forum

A few baskets posted from the Online Guild Discussion Forum.
These lovely baskets were woven by Karen, Sharon, Barbara & Wendy.

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