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December 1, 2022 newsletter

Louet Octado & Megado Looms
ON SALE NOW until December 20th, 2022!

Are you a weaver who is tired of crawling under your loom to create or change your tie-up? Do you weave a yard or 2 and then decide you would really like to change the structure in your cloth by changing your tie-up a wee bit? It’s those “what-ifs” that are magic but can be hard on your knees and back. So … you shrug your shoulders and say “I just can’t get under there again” and stop exploring the possibilities. Does this sound familiar??

For the first time since 2019 – the Octado and the Megado – Louet’s Dobby looms – are on sale!!!

The ease of complex weaving on these looms often comes as a surprise to even the most experienced weaver! The Megado and Octado are simple, easy to operate, and robust enough to handle all your projects.

Dobby looms have a dobby system, which is used to program the lift combinations for your weave structure. The dobby mechanism replaces the treadle/lam combination of traditional floor looms. The pattern capability of a multi-shaft loom is vastly increased by using a dobby mechanism because it gives you an almost limitless number of treadles. The Octado is an 8-shaft loom and the Megado comes with either 16 shafts or 32. Once you decide on your loom, you then decide on the dobby system, either mechanical or electronic. 


Please note that the loom and dobby are sold separately.

If you wish to pay a deposit and/or installments, please contact with the loom, width, and shaft number you are interested in and we will send you an invoice for the $1000.00 CAD deposit with the balance due when the loom ships.

Octado Loom

Octado Loom Electronic Interface

The electronic interface is also on sale until December 20th, 2022! It will give you almost unlimited shaft combinations using a computer and software. The following weaving software programs work with the Louet electronic interface – Fiberworks PCW, Weavemaker, WeaveIt, WeavePoint, Winweef or ProWeave.

Megado Loom

There are a few Megado left in the March 2023 shipment.

Next series of Megado looms is scheduled for June 2023 delivery.

Megado Electronic Interface

Megado electronic interface is available for both 16 shafts or 32 shafts and on sale now!

We also offer FREE shipping on all Louet looms within Continental North America.

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